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You've bought your snowboard, one that fits your personality and ability. You've worked hard to look as cool and capable as possible when swooshing down the mountain. But how do you get your snowboard to the slopes without sticking the thing through a car window? And where should you store your snowboard when it isn't in use? You need a snowboard rack.

Want an efficient and attractive way to store your skis? A wall-mounted ski rack can move your skis out of the way and keep them safe for later use. With some dealers, you can choose a rack with a photo or picture of your choice, which can be a great conversation starter. Some wall-mounted ski racks have gravity spring lock grippers that hold skis securely and neatly. Most also include utility hooks that allow dozens of items to hang orderly. With a wall mount, your skis are out of the way and you won't have to worry about tripping over them in a dark area. You want your skis to last and keeping them safety stored is the best way to do that.

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Want a more efficient may to carry your skis around? Roof-mounted cargo holders can add wind resistance, which can hurt your fuel economy. The added weight to the top of an already-tall vehicle can also be a problem. A lightweight, durable hitch rack is mounted behind your vehicle using a trailer hitch receiver. Made of black powder-coated steel, a hitch mount can hold up to 350 pounds. A raised outer lip around the rack will help keep your cargo in place and gives an anchor point for tie-downs. There’s even a built-in red reflector for added safety. The hitch mount ski rack can also swing in and out to provide more room to load or unload. Loading and unloading is very simple since it is done at around waist level.

A good surfboard roof rack is an important piece of gear for the surf enthusiast. Damage can occur to a surfboard if it is not properly stored while in transit and your surfboard could block your view through the rear window. And the last thing you need is a banged up board when you reach your destination.

A roof rack attaches to the top our your car and keeps your surfboard secure during your travels.

Yakima has more than 25 years in the business of getting outdoor enthusiasts gear to the right place safely. On their website, Yakima indicates they like to call their products "destination hardware."
Yakima claims to have more functional and durable products than anything else on the market, mainly because they love the outdoors and use their own products. That really is the best test.
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